Map Gallery

Map Gallery

Map Gallery

The results of SPAM are available in raster format for 42 crops. Each of the crops can be measured in terms of four variables: area harvested, physical area, production, and yield. Additionally, each crop and variable can be decomposed into two production systems: irrigated and rainfed.

The SPAM results can be mapped to any geographical area (a few grids, country, region, …). Here we provide a map gallery of global maps, which include all countries and territories for which we have information.

Please note that these maps were generated from SPAM 2005 v2.0 (not the latest version of SPAM 2005 v3.2). See our FAQ page for the list of differences.

These maps come in ‘png’ format, they can be viewed, printed or downloaded, and they can be annotated to provide feedback.


After the map image has loaded, click zoom in/out to zoom to a certain area, click and drag to pan through the map, and click on ‘Annotate Image’ to select the areas you’d like to comment on.

This is of particular interest to us, since we need feedback and ‘ground-truthing’ of our product and one of the methods is YOUR input.

Please comment with as much detail as possible about errors, omissions or potential improvements to individual areas, crops or variables. Your input is highly appreciated.

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